Friday, March 3, 2017

Lenten fasting and Isaiah 58:1-9

Wow!  Today's reading spells out what we must do when we fast.  It isn't enough to give up chocolate or meat during lent.  We have to set free the oppressed, share our bread with the hungry, clothe the naked and not turn our back on them.

How often to do sit at home and pat ourselves on the back saying how good am I, I am doing XY and Z for Lent God will surely bless me.  And what do we want?  We want God to make our lives easier.  God says our fasting isn't fasting if we don't take care of the marginalized.  Not only do we have to take care of them, we have to stand up for them.  Only then will our prayers be answered.

We can not make a better life for ourselves on the backs of others.  We have to welcome the oppressed and help the poor.  We can't kick them out of our country with the idea that we will save ourselves.  God hears the cry of the poor.  Their prayers will be answered.
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